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OrgSupport was founded out of a passion for the nonprofit and small business community. Our founder volunteered for years with various Northwest nonprofits, and found that the burdens of day-to-day administrative demands frequently overwhelm all-volunteer boards and executive directors. This leaves leaders little time to focus on their true strengths, such as policy, strategic initiatives, lobbying, or fundraising.

If your organization functions with one paid executive director or a key few ‘strong’ board members, it’s likely they are mired in mundane tasks: preparing agendas, transcribing minutes, mailing invoices or dues notices, fielding information requests, etc. OrgSupport handles all these tasks and more.

We empower boards and executive directors to move their organizations towards long-term sustainability and continued growth. For an organization to effectively deliver to its constituents, the director or board must focus on key responsibilities, such as thoughtful policy decisions, successful fundraising initiatives, or effective lobbying efforts. Administrative duties simply distract leaders from these crucial tasks.

OrgSupport offers full-time, professional services for the cost of part-time help. We are not a temp agency, nor do we offer a rotating stable of employees. Rather, organizations realize the benefits of committed, knowledgeable staff, without the added burden of paperwork, taxes, and expensive employment benefits.

The transition to OrgSupport is easy. We ask nothing more than a commitment to the growth and success of your organization by providing professional support to you and your board.

OrgSupport is a stable, professional, low-cost option that can provide support for long-term needs. Call or email today to discuss how OrgSupport can empower your organization.

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