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Application Instructions

OrgSupport is a fun and family friendly place to work!  To help identify the best candidates for the position and keep the process clear, the first part of the interview is the application itself. Please carefully review the requirements listed below to successfully apply for this position. Applications not fulfilling all requirements below will not be considered.

  1. Applications must include a PDF cover letter in standard business letter format that briefly:
    1. introduces the candidate,
    2. identifies why the candidate would like to work at OrgSupport and with not-for-profit corporations, and
    3. addresses any minimum salary or benefit requirements.
  2. Applications must include a PDF resume.
  3. Applications must be completely free of errors.
  4. Cover letter and resume must be submitted as an attachment in PDF format to
  5. Application email subject line: OrgSupport Application

ONLY applications submitted as outlined above will be considered. Applications submitted in the body of an email will not be considered. No MS Word docs, plain text, or other formats or attachments – PDF documents only. If in doubt, please contact OrgSupport at with any questions before submitting your application.

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