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EventSupport’s mission is to help nonprofit organizations create great events.

We provide nonprofits with the event management services you need to create great events in support of your mission and goals. In our experience, event leadership is most effective when organization board members and volunteers focus on decision-making, strategy, speaker selection, attendee demographics, sponsor identification, and attendee contact list development. Unfortunately, volunteers and directors find themselves bogged down in administrative details or worse, trying to negotiate contracts and manage vendor relationships. EventSupport frees you from these tasks and more, allowing your events to develop and reach their full potential.

EventSupport can help you create great events!

To best support large and small events, EventSupport partners with our sister company OrgSupport. You may already know OrgSupport as the firm that provides comprehensive association management to over two dozen organizations across Washington and beyond. As a full-service event management company, EventSupport is detail-oriented and brings the organizational skills required to create great events. Since staff and offices are fully integrated with OrgSupport, clients enjoy a seamless working relationship with and between their event management and operational teams.

With EventSupport as your management company you are assured of successful delivery of services. Because we are a well-established firm with staff dedicated to event management, unforeseen situations do not jeopardize successful delivery of services. Each of our staff are cross trained in using the tools and systems we employ to support client operations; in practice, the entire team shares responsibility for ensuring your event is well managed on a day to day basis.

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